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Ciao, my name is Claudio Gregolin

I am a photographer based in Brussels.

Photography is a passionate adventure of mine. Photography has been a big part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. 

I am an Economics graduate with experience working with both large and smaller companies ... taking photos has always been part of my DNA and now I see it as my much loved full-time job for a few years. 

I enjoy it all from meeting new people, dealing with unexpected situations, rising to new challenges and all this while making people happy with the quality of my work.

I love taking photos whether in industries or families, events or weddings. My work is a study in extremes.

With experience in climbing and working at height, taking photos in extreme conditions is fun for me.

For any request, feel free to contact me by phone in FR - ENG - IT - NL :

+32 476 79 22 00

Price list on request.

or leave me a message :

Thanks for your message!

Be sure that we respect the GDPR.

Your contact details will not be shared.


Are you looking for a corporate photographer in Paris, France? I invite you to contact Philippe Dureuil "photographe corporate".

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